Perry for Mayor
It’s time for Tofino to demand a Mayor who believes in and can institute a collaborative approach to leadership.
As an active participant in many aspects of Tofino life, I am honoured to have been nominated to run for the estimable position of Mayor here in the District of Tofino.

I am committed to leading a community that is well known as great place to live, work and play. I am equally committed to maintaining the rich and diverse Tofino culture that each of us enjoys.

While there is so much about Tofino that works and is envied by other communities, I think most Tofitians will agree that there are some aspects of our civic governance and management that can be improved.

First and foremost, we can change our perspective and begin working together as a cohesive community. We may not all agree on what needs to be done and how to do it, but we are linked together in the knowledge that if we work better together, each of us can be more successful.

To support this idea, I believe our local government needs to be responsive, innovative and effective, and it needs to provide meaningful services to its customers — Tofino’s citizens and tax payers.

It’s time for Tofino to demand a Mayor who believes in and can institute a collaborative approach to leadership and who:
  • Demonstrates a personal and business leadership style based on the greatest good for all, not an approach that pits one neighbor, business or organization against another.
  • Understands that the Mayor and Council work for the people, not the other way around.
  • Believes that Tofino’s municipal government is charged with solving the challenges the community faces and that the only reason to seek "office" is to accept this responsibility and to provide solutions.
  • Takes an active role in our town’s economic development, ensuring sustainable employment for its residents.
  • Is a reliable spokesperson for the community, working diligently to build relationships with provincial and federal government so that we can get the support and funding we need to solve some of our bigger infrastructure problems (i.e. sewer, ice rink, etc.)
  • Puts the needs of its residents and families first in order to decrease the attrition from our community.
  • Is dedicated to protecting the community’s infrastructure, natural assets and environment.
  • Works to remove barriers to economic success.
  • Is committed to transparency, accountability and regaining the public’s confidence in the municipal government.
I believe in this approach to collaborative leadership and I have the skills necessary to unify people and get things done!

If you don't know me, please come meet me at the "all candidates" meeting, start an email conversation with me, or talk to people that have worked with me in either my professional capacities or along side me as a volunteer.

I hope to represent each of you in the role of Mayor so that Tofino maintains it's unique charm while offering a new level of prosperity, sustainability and well-being for its residents.

Most importantly, I hope you get involved, get informed, come to the all candidates meeting and vote!
Perry Schmunk